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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Internet and Mobile Advertising division (MAD) of TDI International India P Limited do?

MAD is fully equipped and handles all aspects of Internet and Mobile Advertising. The division can rightfully boast of multiple alliances in the Internet and mobile advertising arena. It excels as Mobile/Internet advertising solution provider.
We cater to your needs on internet and mobile advertising, by offering quality services at competitive prices. We feel that the advertising need is to intimate to the Potential Target Segment about your presence in their city/ vicinity and bringing awareness of your Brand/ Products & Services/ Promotional Activities undertaken by you - thereby increasing the enquiries.
The broad range of products, services and interactive solutions that we provide enables our customers to address all aspects of the marketing process, from strategic planning through execution, including results measurement and campaign refinements.

2. What does your team comprise of?

Our team consists of Account Managers, System Architects, Project managers, Team Leaders, Designers, Developers, Testers, SEO specialists, content writers, PPC campaigns Manager & Marketing team.

3. What are the kinds of projects you undertake?

We do projects of Mobile Advertising, Web Designing, Banner Advertising, Web Development, SEO, SMO, PPC, Digital Promotion, Email Marketing etc.

4. Do I need to worry about ownership and confidentiality? Will you take care of it if I outsource my work to you?

We get into a non-disclosure agreement with our clients which states that we will not disclose or sell any kind of business ideas or your product details with anyone. Also the code is the intellectual property of you or your company.
We get into a non-disclosure agreement with our customers which expresses that we won't reveal or offer any sort of business thoughts or your item subtle elements with anybody. Likewise the code is the protected innovation of you or your organization.

5. Will I have all the details of my project in the proposal?

Everything relies on the project. The courses of events are talked about at the season of offers furthermore once the handover is finished by the business group to the operations team. In the case that there are changes in the course of events then they are educated well in the development. Likewise the auspicious conveyance of the project is subject to the normal criticism that we get from the customer.
Everything relies on the venture. The timelines are examined at the season of offers furthermore once the handover is finished by the business group to the operations group. In the event that there are changes in the timelines then they are informed well in the development. Likewise the convenient conveyance of the task is subject to the customary input that we get from the customer.

6. How will I get to know about the progress of my project?

In the beginning of the project, the milestones are set for each of the projects. The timelines and each task are shared with the client on the Project management system which we have specially placed for the clients. In our project management system you can view all the details and monitor the progress of the website.
To start with of the project, the turning points are set for each of the activities. The timelines and every assignment are imparted to the customer on the Project administration framework which we have placed for the customers. In our task administration framework you can see every one of the subtle elements and screen the site's advancement.

7. Will communication be a problem with your team?

No not at all. We have a system where we have the account manager who handles the client and his requirements. His basic role is to communicate well with the client. The team leader’s role is more towards achieving the goals of the project. It is only in absence of the Account manager that the team leader communicates with the client. We regularly communicate on emails, chats and conference calls.
No not in the slightest degree. We have a framework where we have the record supervisor who handles the customer and his prerequisites. His essential part is to speak well with the customer. The group pioneer's part is more towards accomplishing the project's objectives. We consistently impart on messages, visits and phone calls.

8. Do I need to make payment in advance or once the project is completed?

We do take some part of the payment as advance and then later on once is ready and once again when it is completed. If you continue working with us, surely over a period of time when we are comfortable with each other we can be flexible with the payment terms and make it on monthly basis.
We take some piece of the installment as advance and after that later on once is prepared and at the end of the day when it is finished. On the off chance that you keep working with us, clearly over a time frame when we are OK with one another we can be adaptable with the installment terms and make it on month to month premise.

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